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Bashir, a young Finnish student, plans to get a master’s degree in Germany. But he needs to be flexible and open-minded to endure crises and enjoy moments of success. But it’s worth it, and it will open up completely new paths in his career.

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It’s a semester break right now, and Bashir and Lea are on a bicycle tour in Finland. Lea is visiting Bashir, and she supports his plan to pursue a master’s degree abroad.

Study Preparation

With the help of various platforms and online assistance, Bashir found a suitable German master’s programme on European Agricultural Policy. He applies at the University of Neustadt. It’s a really stress-free procedure because he can prepare almost everything online in Finland.

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Study Problems

Bashir failed an exam. He’s busy with other things and doesn’t concentrate on his actual studies. Right now, he’s not motivated at all to even attend the lectures.

Find out more about how Learning Analytics can help in this interview with Prof. Dr. Dirk Ifenthaler about the research project STELA:

Thanks to learning analytics however, his course coordinator contacted him early on for a personal meeting. She tells him about alternative educational formats like MOOCs and other platforms. There, Bashir gains new inspiration and discovers different ways to get a grade, like video interviews with specialists.

Erasmus in Brussels

Bashir is now entirely in tune with his studies, and he can see all the potential right before him which really spurs him on. He really wants to take the next step together with Lea: They decide to go to Brussels together for an ERASMUS semester.

A semester abroad—sure, but how? Learn more about Erasmus in this video!

People in Brussels are speaking many languages. Bashir can prepare his stay abroad with the Erasmus Online Linguistic Support tool (OLS).

But he also needs to finance his endeavour. Maybe this time, he might get an EU scholarship?

The Online Learning Agreement helped Bashir to find the right courses in Brussels, but he also wants to attend two other classes to catch up on missing modules. Discover OLA in this video!

Thanks to EMREX, European universities can communicate and exchange data electronically. Discover the benefits in this video.

Almost all of the students in Bashir’s master’s programme are studying abroad during their third semester. The university’s Learning Management System helps to coordinate online support, defines learning objectives and collects experience reports. Students can also handle minor requests and technical ambiguities online with the DAAD's chatbot Amiko (in German).


Bashir and Lea are back in Neustadt. Their shared time helped them to find the right next step. They want to move in together after the end of Bashir’s master’s programme. But first—graduation:

A New
of European

After all this intensive work and the successful graduation, Lea and Bashir are hiking in Finland. They actually planned to look for a job…

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