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Lena is a “Fridays for Future” activist, and she’s a skilled craftsperson. She successfully finished school, but now she doesn’t know which path to take. Considering different options will eventually pay off.

Lena meets three of her friends in the park. They all just graduated from school and are planning their next steps. Only Lena is at a loss…

Vocational Training
or Academic Studies?

Lena is stuck. Combining her interests doesn’t fit a traditional concept. Or does it? Lena decides to take a year off and try various things that interest her. She still has her old school job in a café. On the weekends, Lena regularly works as a waitress.

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It’s Best
to Try Everything!

In the following months, a plethora of opportunities opens up in front of Lena. She documents and shares her experiences on social media, and she realises that many young people can’t decide easily on a career path.

Dual Studies

Back home, Lena reflects on her experiences and finally decides what her next career step will be: a dual studies programme. The practical training in a business will help Lena to later find an easier entrance into the job market—and this is really her thing. And even better: Lena’s time in Slovenia will be acknowledged as a pre-study internship. She already discussed this with the administration. She’s also excited about her Slovenian language course being accepted as a digital certificate.

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Digitalisation in Practice-Oriented Study Programmes

Lena had a good start with her dual studies programme Sustainable Engineering. The programme is very diversified: a combination of topics like physics, chemistry and materials science, hardware and software development, and project management at a vocational university. She’s really happy with her training company, an agency that develops sustainable digital product landscapes—the perfect fit for Lena.

The company and Lena’s university are communicating via a digital platform (in German). Lena is using all the available technological tools to connect her practical work and the theoretical part of her studies. The university’s 3D printer is a valuable asset during the company’s practical training. Additionally, she can also access other universities’ facilities. You can learn how at the research project DigiLab4U:

Acting Sustainably—Both Professionally and Personally

Lena made it! After finishing her studies she’s now a project manager in her former training company because her commitment and innovative ideas through the years helped her to land her own project. For an important customer, she’s developing a smart watch which uses sensors to link air purity and pedometer. The watch indicates when the air is clean enough to safely perform physical activities like jogging. Lena is now able to campaign for sustainability on a professional level, and with her own income she is able to support non-profit organisations from time to time.

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