15. Juni 2020

SIDDATA - From Study Goals to Individualization of Studies through Digital, Data-Driven Assistants

The interdisciplinary project “SIDDATA” examines how students can be supported in achieving individual study goals. To this end, previously unlinked data and information are combined in a digital study assistant and prepared for self-responsible use. Students can use the assistant flexibly and determine individually which factors and data sources should be considered. The data that can be used includes data from learning management systems, offers and resources of other universities and institutions, and data on individual learning and working behavior. With the use of the assistant, students should be encouraged to define their own study goals and to follow them consistently. In the future, the data-driven environment will be able to give hints, reminders and recommendations appropriate to the situation, as well as regarding local and remote courses and Open Educational Resources (OER). These tips and recommendations should help students to make informed decisions for their own individual study path. Web: Twitter: