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For a couple of years now, Nils has been a teacher at a daycare centre, and he loves his job. He would like to assume more responsibility and advance in his career, but he lacks certain formal qualifications. In between his daily work and family life, he sets out to reach his goals.

The daycare centre “Little Fellers” is located in the bustling district of a large city in Germany. This is Nils’s workplace. Look around and explore it.


Nils has found several courses which fit
thematically to his training goals.

With his employer’s support, Nils was able to attend a course at a career training institution. Nils was exempted from work for the duration of the training, so could focus solely on the contents of the course.

During his research, Nils came across a lecture series which was organised by the local university’s education department. He enrolled as a guest student and attended the lecture every Wednesday evening. This was very taxing after a long workday, but the speakers and the contact to other students were great.

In the near future, it will be easier for people like Nils to document their participation in additional or alternative educational programmes. With the help of open-source edubadges in the Open Badges Standard, different institutions will be able to issue digital certificates. All the acquired skills could be arranged, searched and embedded in suitable contexts within a (still imaginary) presentation environment.

A Rollercoaster of
Obstacles and Opportunities

Nils tells Paula about the team meeting and how the head of the daycare centre will go into early retirement within the next four years. Nils would love to take over her position, but he would need a bachelor’s degree. Paula likes the idea but reminds him that it will be a challenge to arrange this plan, Nils’s work and their patchwork family life.

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Ready for Studying

At his university’s opening event, Nils learns all the interesting facts about the blended learning concept of his master’s programme. Among other things, his university follows the EU Digital Education Action Plan and focuses on digital teaching formats.

Some courses are implemented as so-called flipped classrooms. Listen to this interview to learn more about flipped classrooms and the research project FLIPPS (in German):

Digital Study Formats

Despite all the difficulties, Nils makes good use of his university’s digital support to successfully complete his part-time study programme.

The Big Bang

Nils is in his third semester in his part-time master’s programme. He is visibly exhausted, trying to balance work, studying and his family. Due to health reasons, the head of the daycare centre needs to retire earlier, so now the position has to be filled earlier than planned. What is Nils supposed to do now?

Fresh Start as Head of a Daycare Centre

We are visiting Nils about a year later. It worked out! Nils is now the head of the daycare centre “Little Fellers”. Today, he will be honoured for social commitment and solidarity by the district mayor. Nils is incredibly proud, but not only because of this.

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